Remote API (SOAP) Examples

JIRA's SOAP and XML-RPC remote APIs will be deprecated in JIRA 6.0.

Read the announcement for more information.

More code examples can be found in the SVN repository. You may also try looking for them in the forum.


Logging In


use SOAP::Lite;
use Data::Dumper;

my $soap = SOAP::Lite->proxy("http://localhost:8090/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2?wsdl");
my $auth = $soap->login("admin", "admin");

Creating Issue

$issueMap = {"project" => SOAP::Data->type(string => "YQ"),
            "components" => [{"id" => SOAP::Data->type(string => "10010")}],
            # this is definitely not working as "10010" will be 'autotyped' to int:
            # "components" => [{"id" => "10010"}],
            "type" => SOAP::Data->type(string => "1"),
            "summary" => SOAP::Data->type(string => "Issue created via Perl/SOAP")

my $issue = $soap->createIssue($auth->result(), $issueMap);


Logging In


import SOAPpy, getpass, datetime, array, base64, random
from SOAPpy import Types
soap = SOAPpy.WSDL.Proxy('http://localhost:8090/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2?wsdl')

auth = soap.login(jirauser, passwd)

Adding User to Group

group = soap.getGroup(auth, 'foo')
user = soap.getUser(auth, 'admin')
user = {'name': user['name']} # without this line, you might be facing some funny problems. see JRA-7920.
soap.addUserToGroup(auth, group, user)

Listing Workflow Actions and associated Fields and Progressing

# List
actions = soap.getAvailableActions(auth, 'MYC-28')
print "actions:"
for action in actions:
  print action
  fields = soap.getFieldsForAction(auth, 'MYC-28', action['id'])
  for field in fields:
    print field;
  print "-----"

# Progress
issue = soap.progressWorkflowAction(auth, 'MYC-28', '5', [{'id': 'resolution', 'values': ['2']}, {'id': 'assignee', 'values': ['admin']}, {'id': 'comment', 'values': ['testo!']}])


#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'rubygems'
gem 'soap4r' # The soap4r gem is actually an updated version of the built-in SOAP driver, so we need to override it.
require 'soap/wsdlDriver'

soap ='http://localhost:8080/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2?wsdl').create_rpc_driver

# Login.
token = soap.login('admin', 'admin')

# Create an issue.
issue_map = {
  :type => "1",
  :project => "TEST",
  :summary => "Created with soap4r",
  :description => "This is the description.",
  :assignee => "admin"
issue = soap.createIssue(token, issue_map);

# Close the issue with a resolution of "Fixed".
action = "2" # 2 = "Close". Note how this is actually a string, not an integer.
resolution_type = "1" # 1 = "Fixed". Also a string.
issue = soap.progressWorkflowAction(token, issue.key, action, [{ :id => "resolution", :values => resolution_type }])
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