Enabling the RPC plugin


This page has been archived, as it does not apply to the latest version of JIRA (Server or Cloud). The functionality described on this page may be unsupported or may not be present in JIRA at all.

JIRA's SOAP and XML-RPC remote APIs were removed in JIRA 7.0 for Server ( see announcement).
We encourage you to use JIRA's REST APIs to interact with JIRA remotely (see migration guide).

To invoke JIRA operations remotely, you should ensure that the RPC plugin is enabled on the JIRA installation you are targeting. If you simply want to create a client to http://jira.atlassian.com/ then you can skip this step. First you need to check if the Accept Remote API Calls has been enabled in 'General Configuration' under 'Global Settings' in the left-hand menu:

Then you need to enable the JIRA RPC Plugin in 'Plugins' under 'System' in the left-hand menu:

(warning) To get the source code of the RPC plugin, see https://bitbucket.org/atlassian_tutorial/jira-rpc-plugin

Your server should now be ready to accept remote procedure calls.

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