Last updated Jan 27, 2022

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Deprecation notice - Jira Service Desk is deprecating com.atlassian.fugue in 3.15

Jira Service Desk will be deprecating the use of com.atlassian.fugue in Jira Service Desk 3.15, release date mid August 2018. In Jira Service Desk 4.0, we'll be updating our APIs to use Core Java Data types and Exceptions. We're introducing this change to make it easier to develop on Jira Service Desk.

We'll be permanently removing com.atlassian.fugue with the release of Jira Service Desk 4.0, in accordance with the Java API Policy for Jira.

What will I need to do?

You will need to update any scripts, integrations or apps that make requests to endpoints returning com.atlassian.fugue to use Core Java Data types and Exceptions instead. You can start testing this with the release of Jira's 8.0 Early Access Program (EAP). Watch the Latest updates page for more information.

What will happen if I do nothing?

When com.atlassian.fugue is removed, any apps or services that make a request to APIs using com.atlassian.fugue will break during build.

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