Last updated Dec 17, 2019

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JIRA Core 7.4 EAP release notes

13 April 2017

Atlassian is proud to present JIRA Core 7.4 EAP. This public development release is part of our Early Access Program (EAP) leading up to the official JIRA Core 7.4 release. We are making these EAP and Release Candidate milestones publicly available so that developers can start assessing the impact of the changes that we are making.

For the full list of changes for JIRA 7.4, read the developer change management guide: Preparing for JIRA 7.4. If you are new to JIRA, you should also read our Java API Policy for JIRA and the Atlassian REST API policy.

Extended project administration

We've added an additional option to the Administer Projects permission. When granted, the Extended project administration option will allow project administrators for the associated projects to:

  • Edit the project's workflows, with the following restrictions:
    • The workflow must not be shared with any other projects, or be a system workflow.
    • To add a status, the status must already exist in the JIRA instance i.e. the project admin can't create new statuses or edit existing statuses.
    • To delete a status, the status must not be used by any of the project's issues.
    • The project admin can create, update or delete transitions, but they can't select or update a screen used by the transition, or edit a transition's properties, conditions, validators or post-functions.
  • Edit screens, with the following restrictions:
    • The screen must not be a default system screen.
    • The screen must not be shared with any other projects, or used as a transition screen in workflows.
    • The project admin can add, remove and rearrange system fields.
    • The project admin can add, remove and rearrange existing custom fields, but they cannot create custom fields.

The Extended project administration option can be granted by selecting  > Issues > Permission schemes, and then choosing the relevant permission scheme to edit. Note that it will be granted to all project administrators for the projects that use that particular permission scheme.

HTML export

We've implemented an exporter which exports JIRA issues in an HTML format. When viewing a list of issues, select  > HTML (All fields) or  > HTML (Current fields). A JIRA administrator can disable the HTML export option by setting the property to 'false' at  > System and clicking Advanced Settings.

In-app notification

We've implemented a system add-on which provides targeted notifications within your JIRA application, predominantly to JIRA administrators. These notifications will alert you when new JIRA versions are available, and of upcoming license renewals.


We don't support upgrading to or from EAP releases, and you should never use an EAP release in production. If you do intend to upgrade an instance to an EAP release, you should review  all  applicable upgrades notes for the production releases, and upgrade in the specified order:

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