Last updated Dec 17, 2019

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Plugins 3 Migration Guide

Breaking changes

The version of Atlassian Plugins

The new major version number of Atlassian Plugins means some plugins that import com.atlassian.plugin* packages will break.

Most plugins will import with a version set like this: 


These will be fine. Some, however, will have their import set like this: 


These will break.

To avoid this, change the import version for the second pattern -  [2.8,4.0) - since we don't plan on breaking any APIs in the 3.x cycle.

The default constructor of AbstractModuleDescriptor

This was removed. A lot of our own module descriptors were using the default constructor, which means their modules were using the LegacyModuleFactory, which is not the module factory configured for their products. In most cases, fixing this is as simple as changing the constructor. Sometimes it requires small changes in the module descriptor when loading module classes, and also adding an actual component-import for the module factory exposed by the host product.

Deprecated com.atlassian.plugin.util.collect.CollectionUtil removed

This class doesn't bring anything that Guava doesn't, it was removed in favor of using Guava.

Web Resource and Web Fragment split

The following two modules have been split into their own repositories, with their own versioning:



ThIs means that those libraries don't necessarily have the same version as Atlassian Plugins anymore. They are usually already declared in product POMs, if not you will need to do so.

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