Last updatedMar 30, 2020

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Custom content with Confluence Connect

DescriptionAn advanced walkthrough of custom content in Confluence.
Estimated time60 minutes


Ensure you have installed all the tools you need for Confluence Connect app development, and running Confluence by going through the getting started guide.


In this series, we build a content application which exposes two new content types to Confluence - customers and notes, where notes are contained and stored under customers. 

TitleDescriptionExample repository
Lesson 1 - Adding a custom content typeSet up a new customer content type
Lesson 2 - Working with custom contentSet up and create instances of a new customer content type.
Lesson 3 - Searching custom contentAdd extra searching capabilities to our customer content type
Lesson 4 - Working with custom content childrenSet up and create instances of a new note content type, contained within customers.

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