Last updated Jul 19, 2022

Deprecation notice for app-migration-osgi and app-migration-tracker libraries

We are starting to phase out our first-generation app migration listeners (AppCloudMigrationListenerV1 and CloudMigrationListenerV1) in favour of DiscoverableListener

Existing behaviour

Currently, App Migration supports the libraries app-migration-osgi (from v1.0.0), app-migration-tracker (from version 1.26.1) and atlassian-app-cloud-migration-listener.


In November/2021 we released Discoverable Listeners. That library significantly simplifies the development process in comparison to the previous generation and has received great feedback. We are now adopting it as our official integration mechanism.

Reason for change

The previous generation of listeners require good familiarity to OSGi and has some limitations like:

  • Strong dependency on the Cloud Migration Assistant.
  • Forced app restarts from the OSGi container whenever there's a status change on the Cloud Migration Assistants.
  • Additional class dependencies on runtime.

Deprecation timeline

From the release of this deprecation notice we'll be removing from our docs the first generation listener as alternatives. Thus, new developers onboarding to the platform will be guided to use the new libraries only.

On September/2022, the sample apps for app-migration-osgi and app-migration-tracker will be removed from our code repository.

From Jan/2023, new releases of CCMA and JCMA will no longer guarantee that apps using app-migration-osgi will have their listeners triggered for App Migrations. The listener registration will still work (to avoid issues in the apps startup) but will essentially have no effect.

From Jul/2023 new versions of CCMA and JCMA might stop exposing the OSGi components used by the first generation libraries ( That will effectivelly create initialization problems for libraries that have a hard dependency on that (common case for app-migration-osgi) and will disable apps that are using app-migration-tracker to get automatically registered onto the platform.

What you need to do

If you are using the app-migration-osgi library, please update your app migration path to use the Discoverable Listeners by January/2023.

If you are using the app-migration-tracker library, please update your app migration path to use the Discoverable Listeners by July/2023.


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