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This documentation is for JIRA Software Server.
If you are using JIRA Software Cloud, see this documentation instead: JIRA Software Cloud development.

JIRA Software is an software development planning tool that provides agile boards, development tool integrations, and reporting for teams using Scrum or Kanban. 

JIRA Software is a JIRA application which is built on the JIRA platform. The documentation listed on this page will help you develop for JIRA Software specifically. For example, you might want to extend JIRA Software to add a new dropdown to the agile boards or integrate your application with JIRA Software via its REST APIs. If you want to extend JIRA functionality that is not specific to a JIRA application, e.g. add a project template, create a custom field type, etc, read the JIRA platform documentation.

  Looking for information on JIRA Agile?

JIRA Agile no longer exists as a standalone add-on in JIRA 7.0 and onwards. If you have an existing add-on or integration for JIRA Agile, we recommend that you migrate it to JIRA Software. JIRA Agile is one of the add-ons in the blob of add-ons that comprise the JIRA Software application (see JIRA applications for more information). Therefore, many of the JIRA Agile-specific integration points (e.g. JIRA Agile REST APIs, JIRA Agile Java APIs, JIRA Agile plugin modules) should still work in JIRA Software. You will have to make other changes to accommodate the new JIRA platform changes though, such as the changes to the licensing APIs. Read Preparing for JIRA 7.0 for more information.

If you need to develop for JIRA Agile 6.7.x and earlier, you can still use the old JIRA Agile Java APIs and REST APIs. You can also find the old development guide here: JIRA Agile development guide.


Read these guides to learn how to develop for JIRA Software:


These tutorials lead you through step-by-step development examples related to JIRA Software.


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