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Atlassian is a company devoted to helping development teams build awesome products. To get there we offer our own products that we feel help developers go from concept to launch. But we can't get there all by ourselves. We've invested heavily in our developer relations team to enable our developer ecosystem to help out as well. Our products are very customisable for those of you interested in building plugins to solve a specific need of yours, or perhaps to integrate with a proprietary system. In addition, commercial developers can build on top of our products to create development and collaboration tools that they can sell to our customers, helping them build better software themselves.

Selling Software to Atlassian Customers

With over 25,000 enterprise customers and nearly 40,000 starter customers, we're confident that a company looking for a market can find plenty of demand within the Atlassian ecosystem. Our customers install many plugins to help them with their development and collaboration. You can make Atlassian's customers yours by building on top of our products and selling a commercial plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace. Start by exploring our documentation. Then follow our branding guide to publish your plugin on the Marketplace.

Customising Atlassian Products

Atlassian products are customisable with plugins. Our plugin platform allows developers to do almost anything with our products. Whether you're hoping to integrate with a proprietary system or add functionality that your team needs to succeed, Atlassian products can do whatever you need them to do with plugin customisations. Head over to our documentation to get started developing a plugin for your team or organisation.

Add-ons in the cloud

Plugins developed for the Atlassian framework run only on downloaded Atlassian products. Atlassian Connect is a beta program for developing a framework and process to support add-ons in the cloud. See Atlassian Connect for more information.

Contributing to the documentation

Would you like to share your hints, tips and techniques for developing with one or more of the Atlassian applications? We welcome your contributions. Have you found a mistake in the documentation, or do you have a small addition that would be so easy to add yourself rather than asking us to do it? You can update the documentation page directly.

Our documentation wikis contain developer-focused documentation (such as API guides, plugin and gadget development guides and guides to other frameworks) as well as product documentation (user's guides, administrator's guides and installation guides). The product documentation is on the Atlassian Documentation wiki.

If you would like to update the documentation, please read and submit the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement.

Can't find the edit button? See How to Edit the Atlassian Developer Documentation.

For more resources for contributors, see:

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