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See upgrade notes for important dependency and upgrade information.


Release Date

Released 11th April 2011: jQuery upgrade, Dialog and Sandbox improvements, IE9 updates, general fixes

Highlights of this release

jQuery, jQuery UI and Raphael upgrades

AJS.I18n.getText with parameter support

You can now use getText in javascript with parameters. For example:

Will automatically get transformed into:

Dialog improvements

AUI Sandbox improvements

The AUI Sandbox has some minor UI fixes; plus new example code for Dialog, Messages and Tabs, which better reflects common usage for these components.

Also the Sandbox no longer fails silently if run locally, instead it gives a clear warning and information on how to get a working sandbox.

IE9 fixes

With the release of IE9 several changes were required to fix regressions in IE9:

  • jQuery 1.4.x did not support IE9, jQuery 1.5.1+ does support IE9
  • Similarly Raphael 1.x does not support IE9; so AUI has a version patched to provide basic functionality in IE9. This patch has been submitted to the Raphael project for consideration.
  • AUI's IE stylesheets now load with version-specific conditional comments 

Some features still look very basic in IE9 due to its incomplete support for some web standards; they will be improved in the next iteration of AUI.

Upgrade notes

jQuery upgrade

The version of jQuery bundled in AUI has been upgraded from v1.4.2 to v1.5.2. Please see the jQuery release notes for details:

Pertinent API changes between these jQuery versions include:

  • Attribute selector values need to be quoted when they contain special characters, e.g.:
  • Attribute selectors for boolean attributes like "[checked]" are handled differently by jQuery 1.4.3 and above. Psuedo-attributes such as ":checked" are the prefered alternative.
  • jQuery 1.4.4 and above reports actual values for width() and height() getters on hidden elements.
  • The internal structure of element data objects and events has been changed in jQuery 1.4.3.
  • jQuery 1.4.3 allows non-DOM event targets.
  • jQuery 1.5 introduces significant changes to its ajax implementation.



This version of AUI requires an upgrade of SAL to 2.5.0 to support i18n changes. A SAL upgrade will require you to implement a new i18n method getRawText (see the SAL 2.5 release notes for details).

Note both the AUI the SAL upgrades will be included in Platform 2.10.

Atlassian Gadgets (AG) 

AG requires an updated version to work with jQuery 1.5.x, so this version of AUI requires an upgrade to Gadgets 3.1 (for testing purposes, 3.1-m5+).

Dialog changes between m3 and m5

If you added code to prevent default on Dialog buttons/controls during testing of m3, you should be able to remove it for the final version (m5+).

IE9 resource loading

AUI 3.4 makes use of the newly-added capability to target specific versions of IE in the Atlassian plugin/batch system. Although it's not a required part of the AUI upgrade, this is a heads-up that you should review your product or plugin's IE resources. In general, it is likely that most resources currently loading with an ieonly param should now use conditionalComment with either lte IE8 or lt IE 9.

Note the conditionalComment value should not include the "if" as that is hard-coded. Recommended practice for IE9-specific CSS is to create a separate file and load it with conditionalComment IE 9.


JIRA Issues Macro: JIRA project does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.


For testing purposes, the jQuery upgrade was isolated in early milestones. m1 and m2 contain no other changes, so if they cause any issues you can narrow your search down to the jQuery upgrade.

  • 3.4-m1: jQuery 1.5.0 upgrade only (note this version of jQuery does not support IE9)
  • 3.4-m2: jQuery 1.5.1 upgrade only (note this version of jQuery supports IE9)
  • 3.4-m3 (issue list): Raphael upgrade (patched version to support IE9, fix committed back to Raphael project) and various fixes
  • 3.4-m4 (issue list): More bugfixes, IE9 batching update and fixes
  • 3.4-m5 (issue list): jQuery 1.5.2, jQuery forms plugin update, dialog onclick change from m3.
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