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Release Date and Summary

Release 2011.10.06: jQuery 1.6 upgrade, Experimental Page and Layout, Sandbox revamp

Highlights of this release

AUI Page and Layout components (experimental)

AUI 3.6 contains the experimental AUI Page and AUI layout components. To make use of these, require the dependency com.atlassian.auiplugin:aui-experimental-page-layout

NB: these are experimental components, which means they are unstable and to be used at own risk. For more information:

HTML5 shim

AUI 3.6 ships with the HTML5 shim script and some normalising CSS, to enable use of the full range of HTML5 elements. This is loaded in core; the JavaScript is run only in older versions of IE which require it.

New Sandbox design

The Sandbox tool has grown in popularity and was due some UI love; plus it wasn't working correctly within the REFAPP. These problems have been addressed together.

Old:   New: 

Dialog Focus

You can now configure which element to automatically have focus when a Dialog is shown. Simply pass in a focusSelector option to the Dialog constructor. For example:

Note that if no focus selector is configured, the Dialog will try and place focus on the first available input in the Dialog.

Nested Tabs no longer break

Although nesting tab sets is not recommended, they should no longer break if it occurs. The primary use case is for vertical tab sets inside page tabs; and to make the code more defensive.

Note that tabs will also be styled slightly differently if they are used immediately inside the Page component. See Page for details.

Disabled toolbar buttons

The disabled styles have been improved for Toolbar buttons - they should no longer look active on hover, click or focus. Note this is purely a style update - you will still need to manage the actual events you have assigned to the Toolbar triggers. You can combine the disable feature in the Dropdown component to stop dropdowns opening.

Upgrade notes

Recommended upgrade path

If you use jQuery in your application, you should step through all of the milestones (m1, m2, m3, final) to ensure you test the jQuery upgrades in isolation from AUI changes. m1 and m3 contain jQuery updates, m2 and final contain changes to AUI.

If you go straight to the final version and nothing breaks, all good - but if you get any breakage, ensure you go back test each milestone in isolation before raising bugs.

jQuery upgraded to 1.6, plus modification to AJS.bind

AUI 3.5 was released with a patched version of jQuery 1.5; AUI 3.6 moves to jQuery 1.6 which incorporates fixes for the patched issues.

A change in jQuery required a modification to AJS.bind (see changeset for details). This change should not require any work/updates for existing implementations using AJS.bind.

For testing, there are two possible steps:

  • AUI 3.6-m1 contains jQuery 1.6.2 and the change to AJS.bind
  • AUI 3.6-m3 contains jQuery 1.6.4

For details on changes in jQuery see jQuery's release announcements:

Probably of biggest concern is the change to .attr(). Note this was changed between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 so read all the release notes (not just the 1.6.0 notes) before modifying your implementation.

HTML5 shim/shiv

If you currently ship an HTML5 shim or shiv solution, you no longer need to do so as AUI provides it. Running more than one shim is not recommended, so if you currently ship a shim you should remove it. Note this includes both Javascript and normalising CSS (eg. to set SECTION tags to display:block).

Tab CSS selectors have changed

To stop nested tabs breaking, the CSS was changed to use child selectors. There are two things to check while upgrading:

  1. The change in selector weight means all tab CSS overrides should be reviewed.
  2. If you have overrides in place to enable tab nesting, you should be able to remove them.

AJS.cookie changes

AJS.cookie has been modified to produce RFC-compliant cookies. See AJS-655 and AJS-677 for details. While this is not expected to break any existing implementation, ensure you test any critical functionality which relies on cookies.

AJS.contextPath changes

AJS.contextPath should no longer return undefined instead of an empty string in certain cases. See AJS-709 for details. This is not expected to break any existing implementation.

Deprecation announcements



JIRA Issues Macro: JIRA project does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.


  • AUI 3.6-m1 (released): contains only the jQuery upgrade and associated AJS.bind modification
  • AUI 3.6-m2: contains a large number of fixes and changes; plus new experimental page and layout components
  • AUI 3.6-m3: contains jQuery 1.6.2 to 1.6.4 upgrade only, isolated for testing
  • AUI 3.6-m4/FINAL: (tagged m4, released as 3.6.0) contains final fixes and potentially a small change to disabled toolbar buttons

Patch Releases

  • 3.6.1 skipped
  • AUI 3.6.2 Update to resolve resource loading problems. Upgrade from 3.6.0 recommended.
  • AUI 3.6.3 SCM info update and changes to experimental Page and Layout components.
  • AUI 3.6.4 Fixed context path transform to work with minification.
  • AUI 3.6.5
  • AUI 3.6.6 NB: this release does not support Firefox 3.6 as it is EOL within a few days; and a fix for 3.6 was breaking Firefox 11.
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