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Release Date and Summary

Release 28 May 2012: Buttons, Soy templates, Messages improvment, changes to Dropdown2.

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Highlights of this release

Buttons component

AUI now provides a generalised Buttons component. This will be rolled out to replace buttons in future versions of components which currently provide their own buttons.

See Buttons for details.

Soy templates

Soy (Google Closure) templates are now available for dropdown, form, group + item, panel, messages, tables, tabs and toolbar. Further soy templates will be added in future releases. Note these templates are experimental status.

See Soy Templates for details.

Prepend option for Messages

Previously you could only append Messages to a target element. Now you can also choose to prepend, by setting the "insert" option:

Insert options are append and prepend; the default behaviour is the same as setting append.

Upgrade notes

  • Review your usage of Dropdown2 trigger styles.
  • If you have any extensions to Message concerned with placing them in the document, you should review them.

Recommended upgrade path

  • Direct to final.

Deprecation announcements

Default style for Dropdown2 triggers removed

Dropdown2 shipped with a simple default style for triggers; this has been superceded by the Buttons design. From this point on, Dropdown2 triggers will not have any default style; the triggers will be contextually styled.

If you currently use Dropdown2 triggers with the aui-style-default class, you have two options:

  1. Permanent: change your toolbar triggers to use Buttons.
  2. Temporary: you can change aui-style-default to aui-style-dropdown2triggerlegacy1 to maintain the trigger style. This will be removed at some point in the future; it is provided to ensure updates can be managed incrementally.

Remember Dropdown2 is still experimental so this does not break any deprecation rules.


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