Last updated Feb 20, 2024

Accessing classes from another plugin

If you are building a dynamic plugin, you can bundle libraries inside your plugin. Place your dependent JARs in the META-INF/lib directory (folder) inside the plugin JAR. Any dependency that you specify in your POM will be included in the plugin's META-INF/lib directory.

Below is the standard structure of such a JAR, showing the content of plugin's root directory:

And here's the content of the META-INF/lib directory:

In the above diagrams:

  • The plugin root directory is Crowd SAML Plugin.
  • The plugin descriptor atlassian-plugin.xml is at the root level.
  • The classes are located under the com/atlassian/crowd/plugin/... directory.
  • The META-INF/lib directory contains the dependent JARs.

Troubleshooting a LinkageError

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