Last updated Jul 16, 2024

AO 1.2.0 upgrade guide


There is no impact on users of either the ActiveObjects library or the Atlassian plugin - it is backwards compatible with 1.1.x.

New Features

Added support for composite indexes. Composite indexes can be declared using @Indexes annotation. Example usage is shown below:

    @Index(name = "names", methodNames = {"getFirstName", "getLastName"}),
    @Index(name = "age", methodNames = "getAge")
public interface Person extends Entity {
    public String getFirstName();
    public void setFirstName(String firstName);
    public void setLastName(String lastName);
    public String getLastName();
    public int getAge();
    public void setAge(int age);

Please note two things:

  • It is still possible to declare single column indexes using @Indexed annotation.
  • The new way of declaring indexes may be also used to declare single column indexes.

For more information please refer to java docs.

Notable Bugfixes

There are no bugfixes in this release.


KeySummaryTCreatedUpdatedAssigneeReporterPStatusResolutionFix Version/S
AO-96Add possibility in AO to create multi-column indexesNew FeatureFeb 02, 2011Apr 27, 2017Sebastian PawlakSamuel BerrigaudMajorRESOLVEDFixed1.2.0

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