Last updated Jun 12, 2024

Embedding the Plugin Framework

This section of the plugin framework documentation is for developers who want to embed the Atlassian Plugin Framework 2 into their own applications.

The plugin framework will transform your web application into a platform that can be extended at runtime, via plugins developed by your own developers or by outside developers who form part of your development community.

The plugin framework features a mature OSGi container that keeps plugins properly isolated from your application while allowing plugins to selectively share services and code with each other.

Getting Started

See how to get started embedding the framework with as little fuss as possible.


The Atlassian Plugin Framework is freely available to all who would like to turn their web application into an extensible platform.

For conditions and terms of use, please see the license and copyright statements in the Plugin Framework source on BitBucket.


Plugin Framework Release Notes


Source code.



Plugin Framework FAQ

Answers from the community

Feature requests and bug reports


Quick Start Guide to Embedding

Exposing Host Components via Spring

Using the Built-In Plugin Modules

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