Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Example extensions

Plugin Name

Plugin Description. Source/Binary

Confluence Panada Plugin

Plugin Description: Resolves an annoyance of the SF Integration Team. Correctly replaces any 'panada' user macro with 'bwoskow'.


Google Link Test Extension

Plugin Description: Test extension that puts a link to "Google" in the admin menu in every product. Includes a tree of files, CSS, JS and images (none of which are used - purely there to test the Speakeasy IDE)

Source/Binary: src / zip | jar

Image Attachments Extension

Plugin Description: Very simple example that adds thumbnails to the Confluence attachments page for image attachments. Great example of a super simple extension. 10 lines of Javascript! Example screenshot.

Source/Binary: src / jar

Remove Sidebar Extension

Plugin Description: Another simple example plugin that is a single CSS file, showing how you can use Speakeasy to augment the UI using just CSS. Removes Confluence's personal info sidebar from personal spaces.

Source/Binary: src / jar

JIRA Attachment Improvements Extension

Plugin Description: Improves the display of attachments within the JIRA change history (something that has annoyed me for years!). Links attachments to download in change history, shows thumbnails of image attachments and shows indicators if an attachment has been removed in the future.

Source/Binary: src / jar

JIRA Admin Prototype Extension

Plugin Description: A prototype of what the JIRA admin would look like if we made it modal, removed the sidebar, re-used the top menus, made the searchbox a quick nav for admin screens. See screenshot

Source/Binary: src / jar

Confluence Thumbnail Galleries

Plugin Description: Fixes a pet peeve issue...if you have more than one thumbnail image on a page, you can now view them in a gallery-style slideshow

Source/Binary: zip

JIRA Splat Plugin

Plugin Description: Inspired by an urgent customer request on Twitter.

Source/Binary: src / jar

JIRA Inline Issue Preview Plugin

Plugin Description: Allows inline previews of the issue's description in the issue navigator.

Source/Binary: src

Confluence BitBucket Repo Hover

Plugin Description: Provides more information about BitBucket repositories mentioned on a Confluence page with a BitBucket repository hover.

Source/Binary: src


Plugin Description: Reskins Confluence with a blue-neon-on-black theme.

Source/Binary: src+binary

Confluence Active User Plugin

Plugin Description: Indicates users without an active account by striking through their username.

Source/Binary: src / jar

Confluence flamewar detector

Plugin Description: Tells you if a page is likely to have a flamewar on it.

Source/Binary: src

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