Last updatedOct 1, 2019

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Getting help with the SDK

Help is at hand

Make sure you are not in the Maven command line interface (CLI) when you enter the help commands described below. If you are in the CLI, your command line will start with maven2>, and you will need to exit from the CLI first. Enter quit, exit or a friendly bye.

Getting an Overview of All the Scripts

Enter the following shell script to see an overview of all the scripts with a brief outline of their functionality:


Enter the following to see all possible help content:

atlas-help --verbose
Getting Help Text per Script

Each shell script provides help text if the first argument of the script is one of the following:

  • -?
  • -h
  • help
  • -help
  • --help


atlas-clean help
atlas-cli -?
Reading the Reference Guide

See the detailed guide to all scripts.

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