Extending the Speakeasy Plugin

If you so desire to improve the Speakeasy plugin itself, here are some steps to do so. Note that you don't need to hack on the Speakeasy plugin to enter the contest.

Take the following steps to install the Speakeasy plugin:

  1. Clone (or fork) the github speakeasy-plugin project via:

    git clone https://github.com/mrdon/speakeasy-plugin.git
  2. Start the plugin in the desired product:
    • Refapp:

      mvn refapp:debug
    • Confluence:

      mvn refapp:debug -Dproduct=confluence
    • JIRA:

      mvn refapp:debug -Dproduct=jira
  3. Open pom.xml in IDEA
  4. Start the cli for rapid deployments:
    • Refapp:

      mvn refapp:cli
    • Confluence:

      mvn refapp:cli -Dproduct=confluence
    • JIRA:

      mvn refapp:cli -Dproduct=jira
  5. Visit the user profile page of Speakeasy:
    • Refapp:

      firefox http://localhost:5990/refapp/plugins/servlet/speakeasy/user
    • Confluence:

      firefox http://localhost:1990/confluence/plugins/servlet/speakeasy/user
    • JIRA:

      firefox http://localhost:2990/jira/plugins/servlet/speakeasy/user

To try out extensions, you can create a new one or work on the testing plugin found in src/test/resources. It is deployed via the tpi cli command (stands for 'test plugin install')

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