Atlassian Maven Repositories

Atlassian provides various Maven repositories for Plugin Developers.

We recommend using the Atlassian Plugin SDK to make sure you've got the correct settings to use our servers.

The Plugin SDK handles almost all of this Maven tweaking for you. The SDK includes an embedded Maven installation and correct settings.xml that will be kept up to date as necessary. We believe it makes the plugin development process much easier. For more information, see here.

Atlassian Maven Proxy 

The Atlassian Maven proxy sits in front of all of our other Maven repositories, as well as third-party repositories like iBiblio and Codehaus. This should provide all artifacts needed to build our products and plugins. In the basic case, this is the only repository you need to know about.


Atlassian Private Repository

The Atlassian private repository contains the source artifacts of our closed-source components. Atlassian staff has read and write access.

Atlassian 3rdParty Repository

The third-party directory contains jars that we are not allowed to redistribute, such as those from Sun. Atlassian staff has read and write access.

Atlassian Public Repository

The Atlassian public repository contains all artifacts necessary to build a plugin for our products. It contains binaries, source and javadoc of our opensource components, and binaries and javadoc for our closed-source components. Anyone can read from this repository. Only Atlassian staff can write to it.

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