Activity Streams Version Matrix

The matrix below shows the applications which include and support Atlassian Activity Streams, from Activity Streams 4 onwards. 

  • Version numbers indicate the earliest release of the application which supports the relevant Activity Streams version.
  • Version numbers in brackets show a future application release expected to support the relevant Activity Streams version.


Bitbucket Server
(formerly Stash)





Activity Streams 6.0     (Confluence 6.0)
Confluence 5.10
Confluence 5.9
Activity Streams 5.3    

Confluence 5.8
Confluence 5.7
Confluence 5.6
Confluence 5.5
Confluence 5.4
Confluence 5.3
Confluence 5.2

Activity Streams 5.2    

Confluence 5.1
Confluence 5.0


Activity Streams 5.0


Confluence 4.3
Confluence 4.2
Confluence 4.1


(JIRA 5.0)

Activity Streams 4.1


Confluence 4.0


JIRA 4.4

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