SAL 3.0 Upgrade Guide

Atlassian Scheduler replaces PluginScheduler

PluginScheduler and PluginJob (from com.atlassian.sal.api.scheduling) are deprecated - clients should use the new Atlassian Scheduler library, as documented here.

LifecycleAware gets onStop() method

In addition to onStart(), LifecycleAware interface gets a symmetric onStop() method to notify plugins they are being stopped. It's a good place to do tasks just before plugin is disabled when all it's dependencies are still present.

The method is called when:

  • plugin is being disabled
  • plugin framework is shutting down

There is no need to recompile all plugins for the updated interface; onStop() call is made in a way that tolerates plugins compiled against the old interface. However, plugins that compile against the updated interface will need to implement it.

Atlassian annotations imported

Annotations from atlassian-annotations library are not packaged with sal-api and needs to be provided in run time.

Request interface changed

Trusted apps functionality moved to a standalone library

Trusted apps functionality moved into

  • addTrustedTokenAuthentication()
  • addTrustedTokenAuthentication(String username)

Request and TrustedRequest authentication methods get hostname parameter

Authentication methods listed below get hostname parameter:

  • addBasicAuthentication
  • addTrustedTokenAuthentication

setRequestContentType removed

Use setRequestBody(String requestBody, String contentType) instead

New! TransactionalExecutor

Plugin developers may retrieve a java.sql.Connection from the application and execute DML, albeit with some limitations.

See TransactionalExecutor for an documentation and example.

See for some Hibernate and QueryDSL samples.

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