Last updated Jul 16, 2024

Configuring the product license


When you use the SDK or AMPS to start an Atlassian Server or Data Center product, AMPS loads a default data set for that product, with the admin/admin user already created, and a license already installed. If this license does not suit your needs, for example it's a Server license, and you want to test a Data Center feature, then you can replace the license, see the relevant product page (linked here) for details. Those pages are specifically about Data Center licenses, but the technique is the same for Server licenses.

How it works

When AMPS starts a product, it checks whether that product is configured with a custom license (in the manner explained above). If so, it will deploy the License Backdoor Plugin (plugin key: com.atlassian.platform.license-backdoor-plugin) to the product, along with any other dev-time plugins such as QuickReload. Once the product has started up, AMPS will then make a REST call to this plugin to replace the existing license with the one specified in the AMPS configuration. The REST endpoint in turn uses the product's Java API to apply the license, which in turn causes the product to send a com.atlassian.sal.api.license.LicenseChangedEvent to any components that are listening for it.

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