Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Atlassian Platform common components

Using Atlassian's plugin development tools, developers can create plugins (add-ons) that extend the functionality of Atlassian applications such as Jira, Confluence and others. The Atlassian plugin development platform is a set of components upon which you can develop your plugin.This document gives an overview of those components.

Components of the plugin development platform

These are the major components in the Atlassian Plugin Development Platform:

About plugins

A plugin is a bundle of code, resources and configuration files that can be dropped into an Atlassian product to add new functionality or change the behaviour of existing features.

Every plugin is made up of one or more plugin modules. A single plugin may do many things, while a plugin module represents a single function of the plugin.

There are two versions of plugins in the Atlassian Plugin Framework:

Version matrix

See About the Platform.

Using the plugin development platform dependency management POMs

If you would like to have just one version to change when upgrading to a new version of the Atlassian Plugin Development Platform, you can use the atlassian-platform-libraries and atlassian-platform-plugins POM artifacts to set the versions via Maven's "import" scope. This will allow you to change the platform version and have all the appropriate versions of platform modules set automatically.

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