Last updated Jun 12, 2024

Developing your plugin with Active Objects

Here you will find all the documentation you need to develop your Active Objects plugin. This documentation is composed of two main parts:

  • The library, which describes how one would use the Active Objects library to persist, retrieve and manipulate data from a given database. This part should be independent of any usage of Active Objects within the plugin system.
  • The plugin, which describes how one uses Active Objects in an Atlassian plugin. Principles learnt in the previous section should apply to plugins as well. There might be additional constraints when running within the plugin framework that will be clearly identified here.

For the impatient, there is getting started information that you can follow to create your first Active Objects plugin. It should give you the basics for writing your own plugin and then coming back to the rest of the documentation you should be able to augment the functionality of your plugin easily.

Of course, there is also an Active Objects FAQ with simple and straight to the point answers to the most commonly asked questions. Questions there will refer to other parts of the documentation for more comprehensive information about the topic at hand.

BLOBs and Active Object plugins

Currently, Atlassian's Active Object framework does not support binary large objects (BLOBs). Plugins that work with BLOBs fail. Until there is full support, do not write AO plugins that manipulate BLOBs.

Here is a table of content of the documentation you can find:

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