Last updated Dec 8, 2017

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Plugin Development Platform 2.8 release notes

27 September 2010With pleasure, Atlassian presents the Atlassian Plugin Development Platform 2.8.

This is our first public announcement of the Atlassian Plugin Development Platform. Using Atlassian's plugin development tools, developers can create plugins that extend the functionality of Atlassian applications such as JIRA, Confluence and others. The Atlassian Plugin Development Platform defines the set of tools a plugin developer can use.

In upcoming releases we will extend the platform to include more of the available tools, making it easier for you to manage dependencies and ensure you have all the components you need.

Haven't used the Atlassian Plugin Development Platform yet?

Take a look at our guide to the platform and its components.

Atlassian Plugin Framework 2.6

With Atlassian's plugin framework, you can create plugins that extend the functionality of Atlassian applications such as JIRA, Confluence and others. The plugin framework executes the plugins and manages the available plugin modules.

Highlights of Atlassian Plugin Framework 2.6:

  • Easier access to plugin objects
  • Plugin module tracker
  • ChainingClassLoader and ContextClassLoaderSwitchingUtil
  • Faster, more stable plugin transformation

See the Plugin Framework 2.6 Release Notes.

Shared Access Layer (SAL) 2.2

SAL provides the APIs for accessing common services, regardless of the underlying Atlassian application interfaces.

Highlights of SAL 2.2:

  • Secure administrator sessions (WebSudo)
  • Cross-application API for accessing user profiles
  • Support of special characters in PluginSettings

See the Shared Access Layer 2.2 Release Notes.

Atlassian User Interface (AUI) 3.2

AUI provides a set of reusable, cross-browser tested JavaScript and CSS UI components.

Highlights of AUI 3.2:

  • Redesigned drop shadows
  • Markup-based Javascript components framework
  • Toolbar
  • Popup callback
  • Enhanced dialog controls
  • Span icons on dropdowns
  • QUnit testing infrastructure

See the AUI 3.2 Release Notes.

Atlassian REST Plugin Module 2.2

The REST module is an Atlassian plugin module that you can use to create plugin points easily in Atlassian applications, by exposing services and data entities as REST APIs.

Highlights of the REST plugin module 2.2:

  • Secure administration sessions (WebSudo)
  • Faster startup time

See the REST Plugin 2.2 Release Notes.

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