Last updated Jun 13, 2024

Start a host application with a plugin installed

You can use the Atlassian Plugin SDK to download the Atlassian host application binaries, run a plugin's unit tests, install a plugin (skeleton) and start the host application. When you are done, you can visit the application in your browser, log in as 'admin/admin', and see your plugin in action.

  1. Open a command window and go to the folder where your plugin's pom.xml is located.
    This is the folder where you created your plugin skeleton.

  2. Type atlas-run and press Enter.
    The download can be slow the first time you do it. But the next time you execute the run command, it will be much faster because all the binaries are in your local Maven repository.

    If you are on Windows, a Windows Security Alert may ask you if you want to allow the program to accept incoming network connections. Click 'Unblock' to allow incoming network connections.

    When all the downloads and installation are complete, the system display a message similar to the following:

    [WARNING] [talledLocalContainer] INFO: Server startup in 87246 ms
    [INFO] [talledLocalContainer] Tomcat 6.x started on port [1990]
    [INFO] confluence started successfully and available at http://localhost:1990/confluence
    [INFO] Type CTRL-C to exit
  3. Open your browser and go to the URL given in the message.
    For example, in the message above the URL is localhost:1990/confluence for Confluence. The application's login screen appears.

  4. Log in with username admin and password admin.

  5. Find your plugin to confirm that it was deployed.


About the Application Source Code

Please note: The plugin now knows about the host application's binaries, because it has downloaded the JAR files. But it has not downloaded the application source code. You do not need to have access to the host application's source code to be able to develop a plugin. The JAR files alone will enable you to go and write the plugin, using the application's API.

If you hold a commercial license for an Atlassian application with access to the source code, you can attach the application source code to your plugin project. See how to use the Atlassian Plugin SDK with a source code license.

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