Last updated Jul 16, 2024

Troubleshooting Speakeasy

The following are problems that may occur with Speakeasy and their solution:



User can't access the Speakeasy page due to a rogue extension

Have the user visit


to be removed from all Speakeasy extension access lists

User is having UI issues that may be due to a Speakeasy extension

If the user knows the probable extension, they can visit the Speakeasy page in their user profile and disable it. Otherwise, they can use the unsubscribe URL listed above to automatically unsubscribe from all Speakeasy extensions

Speakeasy has a bug and one of the extensions is polluting the UI for everyone

First, try to disable the Speakeasy extension by disabling its plugin in the UPM. If that doesn't work, you can disable Speakeasy itself also in the UPM. When you re-enable Speakeasy, all user extension subscriptions will be preserved.

After upgrading Speakeasy, some extensions are missing

The plugin system has a bug that prevents Speakeasy from being upgraded by simply installing the new version. You have to explicitly uninstall the previous Speakeasy plugin then install the upgraded jar.

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