Set up the Atlassian Plugin SDK and Build a Project

This tutorial takes you step-by-step through creating your first Atlassian add-on, a plugin, using the Atlassian Plugin SDK. The purpose of the tutorial is to guide you through setting up your machine environment and installation of the SDK. It also teaches you about the tools, concepts, and basic processes used to create plugins. When you complete the tutorial, you will have added a custom menu to the JIRA application.

This tutorial consists of the following pages:

The tutorial requires little or no programming knowledge. You should have a good understanding of the shell (command line environment) for your operating system. If you consider yourself an absolute beginner programmer, you can still complete this tutorial.

How to work through the tutorial

You should work through each page sequentially as each new page builds on the material from the previous page. At the end of each page is a Next Steps heading that tells you where to go next. Beginners should allow two hours to work through the entire tutorial.

If you are experienced or just skimming pages, much of the tutorial will be familiar to you and it should not take too long. If you get lost, you can use the navigation bar (to your left) to locate the next page. If you feel confident skipping pages or just going to pages you need, feel free to do that too.

Even though this tutorial customizes JIRA, the tools, concepts, and basic processes are the same regardless of which Atlassian product you want to customize or extend.

Get Started

To get started, you'll need to set up the SDK Prerequisites (Windows System) (or on Linux/Mac)

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