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Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Documentation!

Using the Atlassian plugin software developer kit (SDK), you can create plugins to extend Atlassian applications like JIRA and Confluence. 

We offer a number of infrastructure tools to help you create, market and sell your plugins. For example, thousands of customers visit the Atlassian Marketplace and the Universal Plugin Manager every day, to find plugins they may want to install. 

Start exploring and check out the pages below.

Building for OnDemand?


Use our Connect framework to build for instances hosted in the cloud. If you use an OnDemand instance – if your product is hosted on Atlassian's servers, and not your own – use Connect to extend your application.

Get started with the Atlassian Plugin SDK


Learn about the common application platform

Common development tasks and popular pages

For previous versions of the documentation, see the developer documentation archives

Develop an Atlassian Add-on

Already have the SDK?