Verifying Your Maven Settings

The Maven settings file, settings.xml, controls some of the general behavior of Maven. For instance, the file identifies the repositories used to resolve plugin dependencies. It also specifies development environment properties. For example, the settings.xml file is where you configure your proxy settings if you need to connect to the Internet through a web proxy.

settings.xml Location

The file is located in the following directory:


When installed with the Atlassian SDK, the settings.xml is pre-configured with the Atlassian repositories needed to build plugin projects. If you want to include additional repositories in the default profile, you can add them to the file.

Adding the Atlassian Plugin Repository

We recommend that you use the Maven instance installed with the SDK, which is already configured to rely on the required repositories. However, if for some reason you are attempting to use a settings.xml file that was not installed with the Atlassian SDK, you will likely encounter problems resolving dependencies required by the SDK commands. To prevent these problems, add the pluginGroups and profile elements to your local settings.xml file:

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