Using the Atlassian Plugin SDK with a Source Code License

This page is relevant to developers who hold a commercial license for an Atlassian application, with access to the source code.

Since you have purchased a commercial license to an Atlassian application, such as Confluence, you have access to the application source code. You can download a source distribution by visiting Then you can attach the application source code to your plugin project, so that you can step through the application code in your debugger. It is often helpful to do this to better understand the API or to track down problems.

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the source distribution, you will see a number of directories and files, exactly as they are checked out of our SVN repository. This is perfect for reading and exploring, but it does not do you much good in the brave new world of Maven 2. You'll need to create and install source artifacts into your local Maven repository. Once you have done that, the Maven IDE plugins will recognise that they are there and link them up for debugging purposes.

From the top level of the source distribution, run:
atlas-mvn source:jar install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -DskipTests=true

This will build JAR files containing most of our source code into the target directory of each subproject. The important items are now set up, including the core application source code.

You can copy the JAR files into your local Maven repository to make them available in your IDE. For example, to install the source code for Confluence 3.4 core, copy confluence-project/confluence/target/confluence-3.4-sources.jar to $HOME/.m2/repository/com/atlassian/confluence/confluence/2.10. After doing so, run atlas-mvn idea:idea or atlas-mvn eclipse:eclipse again, close and reopen the project; the sources should now be available.

A Note about Memory

This is a resource intensive process, and you may need to allocate more memory to Maven in order to complete it. You can do so by setting an environment variable called MAVEN_OPTS, like this:
export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx512m

A Note about Versions

Make sure that you download and install the same version of the source code that is set in the atlassian.product.version property in your pom.xml.

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