Using your own log4j configuration for your plugin

The Atlassian Plugin SDK makes it easy to override the application's file, so that you can do custom logging for your plugin.

  1. Create your file. A simple way to do this is to copy the application's file and change it to suit your needs.
  2. Place the file somewhere in your source tree, for example in src/aps/ ('aps' means the Atlassian Plugin SDK).
  3. Configure your pom.xml like this:

      <artifactId>maven-***-plugin</artifactId> <!-- *** is the name of the application (product) you're using -->

Now you can run your application via atlas-run or atlas-debug.

A plugin specific file does not get picked up using this method once you deploy your plugin to another stand alone server. It only works using atlas-run or atlas-debug

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