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A piece of content displayed in the body of a Jira issue.

Example of an Issue panel

Usage notes

The following context variables are available for issue panels:

  • localId - The unique ID of the panel, which makes panel instances distinct from each other if allowMultiple is set to true.
  • extensionContext.isNewToIssue - This variable is set to true when a panel has just been added to an issue; otherwise, it's false.

The example shows how to access these variables with the useProductContext UI hook.

Import statement

import ForgeUI, { IssuePanel } from '@forge/ui';


childrenArray<ForgeComponent>YesA container for displaying multiple components. Can contain any UI kit component.
actionsArray<IssuePanelAction>A list of IssuePanelAction components that correspond to items in the actions menu. No more than five actions can be defined.


import ForgeUI, {IssuePanel, IssuePanelAction, render, Text, useProductContext, useState} from '@forge/ui';

const App = () => {
    const {localId: panelId, extensionContext: {isNewToIssue}} = useProductContext();
    return (
        <IssuePanel actions={[
            <IssuePanelAction text="Custom action" onClick={() => {}}/>
            <Text>Hello, world!</Text>
export const run = render(

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