Last updated Apr 3, 2022

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Import components from repositories linked to Jira software

Create a unified, automated, and detailed catalog of your software architecture using Bitbucket repositories linked to Jira Software.

Compass will find Jira Software projects that contain repositories you might want to create as software components. As components are created, they’ll include relevant information that encourage teams to use Compass as a source of truth.

After you create these components, take your software catalog further:

  • Automatically populate activity and metrics from source code by connecting the Bitbucket app.
  • Encourage accountability and improve failing scorecards by assigning owner teams.
  • Track and prioritize work against components by linking them to Jira issues.

Currently, you can create components from Bitbucket repositories linked to Jira Software. Soon, you’ll be able to create components from other types of repositories, like GitHub and GitLab.

Before you begin

  1. As a site admin, connect Jira Cloud to Bitbucket.

  2. As a site or project admin, enable code in Jira Software.

  3. Link Bitbucket repositories to a Jira Software project.

Import components

  1. In Compass, select Create in the main navigation, then Import components.

  2. Next to Jira Software, select Import.

  3. Choose recent Jira Software projects. Bitbucket repositories in the projects you choose will be created as Compass components.

    If you don’t see any projects, complete the steps in the before you begin section.

    The project selection screen when creating components from repositories linked to Jira Software

  4. Select Import.

    Repositories will be created as Compass components with the following information:

    • Service type
    • Name (using the name of the repository)
    • Description (indicating the component was imported from a specific Jira Software project)
    • jira-import label
    • Jira Software project link that the repository came from
    • Bitbucket repository link

    The import process can take a few minutes.

  5. When the import completes, select Go to Compass to see a list of your new components.

    The Compass Components page, showing components created from repositories linked to Jira Software

    From here, take next steps to automate, populate, and integrate your component catalog.

Next steps

  1. Connect the Bitbucket app to automatically populate activity and metrics from source code.

  2. Assign owner teams to components to encourage accountability and improve failing scorecards.

  3. Link Jira issues to components to track and prioritize work against your software architecture.


If an import doesn't complete

Sometimes an import may not complete due to network issues. If this happens, try and create the components again.

Compass will prevent components being duplicated by looking at existing component names, descriptions, and labels.

Cancel an import

During the import process, select Cancel. Depending on when you cancel the import, some repositories may still be created as software components in Compass, which you can delete at any time.

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