Last updated Jun 29, 2020

Promote an app to staging or production

This page describes how to take your existing Forge app from the development environment and share it with your users in a production environment. You'll learn about Forge environment restrictions and how to request the minimum set of permissions from your users.

Configure API scopes

Forge apps must explicitly declare which scopes they require in the manifest.yml file to use the authenticated Product Fetch APIs.

See the Permissions page for a summarized table of Forge supported OAuth 2.0 scopes for all Atlassian cloud products. You can also find supported scopes in each product's REST API documentation on a per operation basis.

See the Add scopes to call an Atlassian REST API page for step-by-step instructions on adding new scopes.

Deploy to a specific environment

To deploy to a specific environment, provide the -e argument to your command.

  1. Navigate to the app's top-level directory and deploy your app by running:

    forge deploy -e production
  2. Install your app by running:

    forge install -e production
  3. Select the product.

  4. Enter the URL for your development site (for example,

  5. Review the scopes your app is requesting then answer y.

Once your app is deployed to production, you can distribute it to users through the developer console. You can also view the APIs and scopes included in your Forge app in the Permissions page.

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