Last updated Nov 10, 2021

This section describes a Forge preview feature. Preview features are deemed stable; however, they remain under active development and may be subject to shorter deprecation windows. Preview features are suitable for early adopters in production environments.

We release preview features so partners and developers can study, test, and integrate them prior to General Availability (GA). For more information, see Forge release phases: EAP, Preview, and GA.


To add the Select component to your app:

import { Select } from "@forge/react";


A field for users to make a single selection or multiple selections from a list of options.



childrenArray<Option>YesThe select list items. Each Option is defined by a label, which is displayed in the list, and a value, which is the string returned if the item is selected. Each Option can also have a defaultSelected prop, to make it selected on initial load.
isMultibooleanWhether the user can select multiple items from the list. Defaults to false
isRequiredboolean Indicates to the user whether or not at least one item from the dropdown list must be selected to submit the form. If a field is required, an asterisk appears at the end of that field’s label.
labelstringYesThe label text to display.
namestringYesThe key the user-submitted value is assigned to in the returned form object. If isMulti is true, the submitted value is an array of strings; otherwise, it is a string.
descriptionstringThe text description of the select field.
placeholderstringThe placeholder text to display when no options are selected. It defaults to “Select …”
onChange({ label: string, value: any } | { label: string, value: any }[]) => void | PromiseNoAn event handler that can be asynchronous. Allows you to read values from the component without having to submit as part of a Form.


defaultSelectedbooleanWhether this option is initially selected. Defaults to false
labelstringYesThe label text to display.
valuestringYesIf selected and submitted it will be included in the value of the array property.


A select component offering the ability to select a milestone.

const App = () => {
  return (
      label="With a defaultSelected"
      onChange={({ label, value }) => console.log(label, value)}
      <Option defaultSelected label="Milestone 1" value="one" />
      <Option label="Milestone 2" value="two" />
      <Option label="Milestone 3" value="three" />

If Milestone 1 is selected, the returned form object contains:

milestone: "one";

If isMulti is true, the form returns an array:

// nothing selected
  milestone: [];

// multiple selections
  milestone: ["one", "two"];


Example image of rendered select

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