Last updated Nov 23, 2022

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View app metrics

App metrics show you how your Forge app is currently performing across all sites. This page explains how to view and filter the metrics for your app, including specific data about your app's invocation errors.

Note, if you have a Cloud Fortified app, or are listed as a contact for one, you can also access metrics for these apps in the console.

To view app metrics:

  1. Access the developer console.
  2. Select the Forge app that you want to view metrics for.
  3. Select Metrics in the left menu.

Metrics screen

The screen shows all sites that your Forge app is currently installed on, where there has been at least one invocation in the last 14 days.


The following metrics are available for all function invocations. Note, this doesn’t include code executing in a Custom UI iframe, but includes functions invoked by @forge/bridge.

  • Invocation success rate: The percentage of successful vs. failed invocations, across all functions. An invocation is considered successful if the function doesn’t fail with an invocation error. Note, you can set up an alert for this metric.
  • Invocation count: The total number of invocations, regardless of success or failure.
  • Invocation errors: The number of invocations that failed with an error. These are grouped by:
    • Out of memory: The function has exhausted the available memory.
    • Timeout: The function has not been successful within a time limit.
    • Unhandled exception: The function threw an uncaught exception. This category may include exceeding other platform limits such as network requests. To learn more about why the exception was thrown, view your app logs by selecting Logs in the left hand menu. For more information, see View app logs and installations.

Each metric is displayed as both a chart and a value. The value, displayed at the top of the screen, represents the overall or total value for that metric and includes any applied filters.


Use these filters to refine your metrics:

  • All sites: Narrows down the metrics based on the sites that your app is installed onto, for example, <your-site> You can select multiple sites.

  • Environment: Narrows down the metrics for a specific app environment for your app.

  • Date: Narrows down the metrics based on your chosen time interval. Choose from a range of predefined values, such as the Last 24 hours, or choose a more specific time interval using the Custom option.

Each metric can also be grouped by app version, by selecting the Group by dropdown next to a chart, and selecting Version.


  • Metrics are only shown for sites with at least one invocation in the past 14 days.
  • All dates are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • Each chart's data resolution depends on the time interval you've selected. For example 'Last 24 hours' shows data at a 30 minute resolution, and 'Last hour' shows data at a 1 minute resolution.
  • Metrics may not always be accurate because undelivered metrics data isn’t back-filled and data sampling might be used for some metrics.

You can bookmark the URL on your browser to access metrics based on specific filtering criteria for quick access.

You must use data in accordance with the privacy rights that you've obtained from your user. For more information, see the Atlassian Developer Terms and Forge Terms.

Invocation errors

To learn more about your app's invocation errors, select the chart title, or select the More actions () menu on the chart and View details.

The following screen appears, showing site-specific information about your app's invocation errors.

The metrics drill down page

In this view, you can search, filter, and sort the data to identify errors across specific sites and installations.


  • Metrics are shown according to the selected time range.
  • The data displayed in the chart will be filtered according to the sites selected in the table.
  • By default, the table is sorted by error count, but you can sort by any column.

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