A metric source contains values that provide numerical data about the component.

Property NameTypeDescription
componentMaybe<CompassComponent>Compass component associated with this metric source.
derivedFromMaybe<Array<EventSource>>Which event sources this metric source is derived from.
externalMetricSourceIdMaybe<String>The unique identifier (ID) of the metric source that is external to the Compass site, for example, a Bitbucket repository ID.
forgeAppIdMaybe<String>The ID of the Forge app used to construct the metric source. The Forge app ID will be null if the metric source was not created from a Forge app.
idStringThe unique identifier (ID) of the metric source on the Compass site.
metricDefinitionMaybe<CompassMetricDefinition>The metric definition that defines the metric source.
titleMaybe<String>The title of the metric source.
urlMaybe<String>The URL of the metric source.
valuesMaybe<CompassMetricSourceValuesQueryResult>A collection of values which store historical data points about the component.

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