Last updated Jul 1, 2022

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Why can't I change the payment model

Problem description

When trying to change the Payment model for an existing app the following message is displayed in the UI:

UI message for changing payment model of app


You can't alter the Payment model for existing apps in the following scenarios:

  • Paid via Atlassian → Paid via Vendor
  • Paid via Atlassian → Free
  • Free → Paid via Atlassian
  • Paid via Vendor → Paid via Atlassian

You can change the Payment model in the following situations:

  • Free → Paid via Vendor
  • Paid via Vendor → Free


In order to change the Payment model for an existing app (bar the two situations listed above) you'll need to release a new version with this change in place.

If the app is transitioning to paid via Atlassian then you must ensure that the required licensing parameters are added, as detailed below.

For server apps

In your atlassian-plugin.xml. add/remove licensing param <param name="atlassian-licensing-enabled">true</param> from atlassian-plugin.xml.

For details, see Adding licensing support to server apps.

For Connect apps

Set the enableLicensing flag in the app descriptor file to true to add licensing or remove the flag to set the app version to free.

For details, see Cloud app licensing

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